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Our dedication to producing the highest quality products is just one of the things that makes us Australia's leading baby care company. We design, develop, and manufacture our nappies and nappy-pants, right here in Australia. So, they don't have far to travel before they are sent out to retailers, pharmacies, and supermarkets. Take a look below at our wide range of baby care products, for all your baby's needs as they grow.

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Wash Mu two-in-one

OUR BEST FOR SWIMMING   Just add water for worry-free water play. Huggies® Little Swimmers® Disposable Swimpants have easy-open sides to make poolside changes a breeze, so you can get back to having fun in the sun.


OUR BEST FOR TOILET TRAINING   Help make the transition from nappies to undies easy! Our specially designed Huggies® Pull-Ups® Toilet Training Pants help your toddler learn and practice new skills like pulling up and down and learning the difference between wet and dry.


A safe and gentle baby wipe is essential for your baby's skin health.   With their unique thick and soft texture, Huggies Baby Wipes are soothing on your baby’s skin while still being an effective way to deal with mess, quickly and easily.

Laundry liquid

Huggies® Nappy-Pants have been specially designed for an easy change for your active, wriggly baby. Their pull on design makes it easy for you to change your bub while they’re standing up.   Available in Ultimate and Regular.


From tiny tots to busy toddlers, from fun in the sun to a quiet bedtime story, Huggies® has a quality nappy for every baby, boys and girls of every age, no matter what activity they are up to. Only Huggies® Nappies provide tailored absorbency where girls and boys need it most and both Huggies Ultimate® Nappies and Regular Huggies® Nappies provide up to 12 hours leakage protection.

Newborn Nappies

Changing Your Baby’s Nappy In the early days you will need to change your baby’s nappy quite often as they tend to have frequent bowel motions, so you will become an expert in no time. It is important to change the nappy if they have had a bowel motion as a rash can result if left unchanged. Changing your baby’s nappy provides an ideal opportunity for social interaction as b…