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Breastfeeding support

We have provided you with some extra resources for more information on both breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
Australian Breastfeeding Association – Frequently Asked Questions about breastfeeding
Australian Lactation Consultants Association
The La Leche League
For articles on breastfeeding visit the Health Insite website and search “breastfeeding”.
Breastfeeding Helpline Service
ABA’s breastfeeding counsellors help thousands of mothers every year. As breastfeeding mothers themselves, they know that breastfeeding may not always seem easy. Their experience can reassure new mothers and give them the knowledge to understand how breastfeeding works. Counselling is available to ABA subscribers and non-subscribers alike.
Breastfeeding counsellors are all trained volunteers. All have breastfed at least one baby for at least nine months and undertaken the ABA breastfeeding counsellor training course to qualify. Counsellors provide counselling and breastfeeding information to any person seeking help. Counsellors are continually updating their breastfeeding knowledge and counselling skills.
Counsellors may be contacted by telephone or email. Counselling is also available in person at group meetings.
BREASTFEEDING HELPLINE 1800-MUM-2-MUM (or 1800-686-2-686)
For bottle feeding assistance or support contact:
Your local Early Childhood centre (NSW), Children’s Health Clinic.